Advantages of online therapy and counseling ($29,78)- PhD Wasney Ferreira


Why should you choose online therapy or counseling at WAF Psychology: Online Therapy? Our project was developed for adults and youths around the world. If you are English, Portuguese or Spanish speakers, I can help you. The project was based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We have many differentials and advantages in relation to others online services. Welcome to our website, and contact us to any question.

Differentials and advantages

  • PhD Wasney de Almeida Ferreira is psychologist, master in linguistics and PhD in epidemiology, from UFMG: one of the most prestigious at Brazil;
  • Our sessions online has 1 hour and 30 minutes (Skype: $29,78): you will have many times to yourself;
  • All sessions are recorded and analyzed offline: of course, if you agree with this part of the project;
  • All analysis is carried out in writing: in the final of the treatment, you will have his/her biography;
  • Our prices are very competitive ($29,78), because Brazilian real is cheap ($0,20=R$1,00);
  • Payments can be through save methods, like Transferwise, PagueSeguro, PayPall etc;
  • Advantages of online therapy and counseling at WAF Psychology are indisputable.

Why should you waste money if you have us?

Specialized Online Therapy (know more).

Contact us now, and don’t waste your money with pseudosciences on the internet (click here).

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